The Dr Clown Run


The Dr. Clown Foundation brings joy to the most vulnerable people in our community. Since 2002, the Dr. Clown Foundation has been developing its personal relationship approach that is focused on improving the quality of life of hospitalized children, students in specialized schools, hospitalized patients of all ages and seniors in care facilities.

The Foundation runs two separate programs: Dr. Clown, designed for schools and hospitals, and La Belle Visite, intended for seniors. Both aim to create caring and respectful relationships that bring a breath of joy into environments where sometimes little exists.

Making meaningful connections, breaking isolation, providing friendship and comfort, helping to humanize healthcare settings and upholding a person’s dignity by treating them with kindness and respect are just some of the observable benefits of the interventions of our therapeutic clowns. The positive impact of their programs is recognized by both medical practitioners and educators, who integrate the therapeutic artists into their care plans and educational objectives.


It is with great pride that Groupe Copley World Triathlon is partnering with Dr Clown Foundation for its 5th edition and, more specifically, for the running races. Would you like to take on a challenge accessible to all or simply support the cause? All you have to do is register for The Dr Clown Run and create a fundraising page directly on the Dr Clown Foundation's website. 

We invite you, by clicking here, to visit their website to create your fundraising platform.

Participate in the Dr Clown Run

The Dr Clown Run will take place on Saturday, June 27th at 16:00. A unique race where the atmosphere will be festive, energetic and clownish. You will have the chance to run in company of severaa Dr Clown's artists. You can now register for a 1K, 5K or 10K (solo or in team of 2-4 people). Take advantage of this moment to run with family, friends or colleagues with the possibility of raising funds for the Dr Clown Foundation.

  • 1K = race for families and the youngest ones in a unique atmosphere accompanied by the Dr Clown's artists.
  • 5K = recreational, accessible and festive run with the participation of the Dr Clown's artists.
  • 10K = solo or in team of 2-4 people, the relay is given via the transmission of a Dr Clown bib.


You are registered for one of the various triathlon or duathlon races and you wish to give an extra meaning to your athletic accomplishment by supporting the cause of the Dr Clown Foundation! Don't worry, it's possible! 

You have two options:

  1. Make a spontaneous donation on their website;
  2. Create a fundraising page on the Dr Clown Foundation's website that you can easily share with your network by clicking here.

The Foundation offers you a free registration for the race of your choice or a discount on your registration for the 2021 edition depending on the amount of your fundraising:

  • Raise $1000 or more: Free registration for 2021 
  • From $750 to $999.99: 75% discount on the 2021 registration fee 
  • From $500 to $749.99: 50% off the 2021 registration fee 

We invite you to visit their website to create your donation collection platform.