WTCS Eliminator Format

The World Triathlon Championship Series' races will be held for the 5th time in Montreal. 



The main venue of the Groupe Copley World Triathlon is the Port of Montreal's Grand Quay.

Race format

The Eliminator is an intense new format that takes place across two days and over a super-sprint course: 300m swim, 7.2km bike, 2km run.
Up to 60 athletes will be drawn in two qualifiers on day one. The top ten from each race will progress through to the next day, along with ten more from the repechage races for those who did not make the cut (the top ten in the case of a single repechage, the top five of each in the case of two).

All 30 athletes classified for the final round will then line up on day two to battle it out for gold over three more super sprints.

At the end of the first race, the last ten across the line will be eliminated. At the end of the second, the final ten will also be eliminated. The last race of the weekend will see the remaining 10 athletes race for gold in a dramatic finale.

Thighs will be sore! Who will have the strength and the strategy to make it to the end?


Friday August 13, 2021

11h30 am : WTCS Women - Qualification wave 1 (30 athletes, best 10)
12h00 pm : WTCS Women - Qualification wave 2 (30 athletes, best 10)
1h00 pm : WTCS Men - Qualification wave 1 (30 athletes, best 10)
1h30 pm : WTCS Men - Qualification wave 2 (30 athletes, best 10)
2h30 pm : WTCS Women - Repechage (20 athletes, best 5)
3h00 pm : WTCS Men - Repechage (20 athletes, best 5)

Saturday August 14, 2021

1h36 pm : WTCS Women - Final 1 (30 athletes)
2h16 pm : WTCS Women - Final 2 (20 ahletes)
2h56 pm : WTCS Women - Final 3 (10 ahletes)
4h06 pm : WTCS Men - Final 1 (30 ahletes)
4h46 pm : WTCS Men - Final 2 (20 ahletes)
5h26 pm : WTCS Men - Final 3 (10 ahletes)

Sunday August 15, 2021

3h06 pm : WTCS - Mixed Team Relay