Douglas Foundation

The Douglas Foundation raises funds to support the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, Quebec’s largest Mental Health Research Centre, and Canada’s 2nd largest Mental Health Research Centre. It has a strong psychiatry research mandate and has generated a tremendous amount of knowledge as well as improved patient care.   The Douglas Institute is the only institution within the McGill Health Network entirely dedicated to mental health and is a worldwide leader in neuroscience and mental health.

Their mission

Created in 1972, the Douglas Foundation’s mission is to finance the development of the Douglas Institute: patient care, research in neuroscience and mental health, and education and training.

The Foundation collects money for
  • Prevention and treatment of mental illness and understanding its causes
  • Improving treatments and public access to mental health services
  • Helping families
  • Educating the population and break the stigma surrounding mental illness
  • Exchange of knowledge and best practices between mental health practitioners