Dave Morrow’s Testimony

Dave Morrow graduated in 2014 from Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur’s (POE) entrepreneurship boot camp. He is a military veteran from Canadian armed forces who served in Afghanistan as a CIMIC operator (Civil Military Co-Operation).


What was your role as a CIMIC operator back in Afghanistan ? 

“I’ve helped to build 3 schools, helped training the teachers, installed solar streetlights and held meetings regularly with the government”


His responsibilities have given him a taste of entrepreneurship, and as soon as Dave came back to Canada, he wanted to take up a new challenge: He created “Guard Fit Training” in which he provides online training plans. https://www.guardfitonline.com/

“I needed a new challenge, do something new”


How has POE helped you ? 

“Their support helped me a lot on the moral level, and it's crucial to return to civil life"


POE provided him one week training in 2014 throughout which he has learned the entrepreneurship’s basics, but also developped his network.



Proceeds from the BDC Challenge will help military veteran like Dave to get the entrepreneurship skills to start and grow successful businesses.