Grand Prix series

The Grand Prix series is the most prestigious series in Quebec. It allows junior (16 to 19 years old) and elite (20 years old and older) athletes to accumulate points in a network of competitions. The series offers the opportunity for athletes to develop technical and tactical skills that can be found in higher level competitions.

For the bike portion of the series, drafting is legal, unless otherwise noted. Open to all athletes, no matter the country.

Two events on the same day, approximately 2 hours between starts.

  • Qualification: Time trial start 1 x 1 every 15 seconds over a distance of 300 m / 7.8 km / 1.7 km (Sunday August 15)
  • Finals A and B: Mass start over a distance of 300 m / 6.6 km / 1.7 km (Sunday August 15)