GP Serie/Junior Maps




750M –1 LAP

The swim course of the triathlon takes place in the Alexandra Basin in Montreal's Old Port. The course is a one lap 750m counter clockwise swim. You will be able to exit the water via the swim exit ramp that is installed on a floating dock. You can then proceed via the ramps leading to the barge and then to land. You can then run towards the transition zone.

Athletes can leave their pre-competition bags at the Athlete Lounge or at the Swim Start. Dive start. Keep the 4 yellow buoys on your left shoulder. The red buoys are alignment buoys.


The start area is located 750m from the Athletes Lounge. Athletes will gather at the Swim start area at least fifteen (15) minutes before the start. A tent will be available to leave your personal belongings. Please leave your back packs at the athletes’ lounge, only last minute gear should be left at the start area tent. They will be brought back to the Athletes Lounge by the LOC.





19 KM – 5 LAPS

The 18.6 km course (5 laps counter-clockwise of 3,65 km each) is mostly flat and has technical turns. Each lap winds through the historic streets of Old Montreal and returns to the Grand
Quai, without passing through the transition area.





5 KM – 2 LAPS

The 5km run course (2 laps counter-clockwise of 2,5 km each) is a two loops, counter-clockwise, out-and-back on the bike-path along de la Commune Street . It begins along the same route as the bike course from the Grand Quai.









300 M –1 LAP

Athlete A will start the swim with a pontoon dive start. The 300m course is an anti-clockwise U shape course which will have three yellow turn buoys to be kept on the swimmer’s left side. The swim exit will feature ramps to land and the 300m run towards the transition zone.




Athletes B, C & D will run down the ramp onto the barge and dive into the water from the far south-eastern corner of the barge. An additional red turn buoy for athletes B, C & D will be located approximately 30 m south-west of the entry point before swimmers will continue along the U shaped swim course. The remainder of the swim course is identical to the swim of Athlete A. All buoys must be kept on the swimmer’s left side.




6.67 KM –2 LAPS

The mixed team relay bike course is a fast, flat loop of 3.3 km with technical turns. This two lap course winds through the historic streets of Old Montreal and returns to the Grand Quai without passing through the transition area.





1.5 KM –1 LAP

The run course is a one lap 1.5 km out-and-back on the bike path and follows De la Commune Street. The loop will end at the exchange zone for athletes A, B, & C and at the Finish Line for Athlete D. Athletes D will have a 200m shorter run than Athletes A, B and C.