Water quality

The Group Copley World Triathlon is governed by the highest swimming water quality standards of World Triathlon, the international triathlon federation. These have been established in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) and European public health standards. And good news! Alexandra Basin's water meets all these requirements with flying colors.

Water quality tests to be submitted to World Triathlon

  • Two (2) months before the competition;
  • Seven (7) days before the competition;
  • The first day of the competition.

Additional tests may be conducted at the request of the International Federation Technical Delegate in conjunction with the results previously obtained. If the water quality tests show values outside the stated tolerance limits, World Triathlon will cancel the swim portion, unless the World Triathlon Medical and Anti-Doping Committee indicates otherwise. 

Here are the results of the tests done on April 26th, 2022. Next tests will be done in June 2022.

The water quality is normally excellent. As of April 26th, the water analysis results for 3 main factorsof water quality were:

  • Fecal enterococcus from 7 to 13 CFU/100 mL
  • Escherichia Colifrom 9 to 24 CFU/100 mL
  • pH 6.8

The Group Copley World Triathlon team is available at all times to answer your questions regarding water quality. Do not hesitate to contact us at: info@triathlonmontreal.com