• This year, grand stands are free of charge and allow the public to see the Elite transition line and the finish line. It is also possible for spectators to walk freely around the Quai Jacques-Cartier.


  • Opening hours for the exposition zone are the following :
Friday August 4th 12am to 8pm
Saturday August 5th 8am to 8pm
Sunday August 6th 8am to 4pm


  • People can obtain the results of the races on our website, on SportStats’s website and at the venue of th


  • Animals are tolerated, but must be in leach on site. In addition, owners have to pick up after their animals.


*** Fixed price of 20.00$CAD between 6pm and 11am on Saturday, August 5th, 2017.

*** IMPORTANT ! It is strongly advised not to take the car to the venue, considering that we expect very heavy traffic in this area.


  • Public bathrooms are available on the venue.


  • The Montreal Old Port Wi-fi network is free of charge and available to all spectators :