Training and having fun !

My name is Élisabeth Boutin.


I am an elite U23 triathlete and I practice this sport since the age of 8. I love to share my passion with anyone that has an interest for triathlon. Of course, when you practice a sport that involves three different disciplines, you must develop a strong interest for it to be able to integrate the training in your daily routine.


When I was young, my best friend invited me to run with her and participate in my first triathlon. I was immediately hooked by this sport. We became a tight-knit group of friends at school and during training, and we were inseparable. We had so much fun swimming, riding and running together! The word “fun” is very important here, because the pleasant sensation of working out with friends is fundamental to being fully committed towards this demanding sport. Then, I was setting small and realistic goals for myself that I had to achieve and be proud of. Of course, my coach and my parents were guiding me along the way.


Around the age of 15-16, I asked myself at times if I was training out of habit or if this sport was providing me satisfaction and contributing to my well-being. At the beginning of the season, I had to define how I wanted to invest myself in my training sessions and I used the word “pleasure”. I needed to confirm if this was coming from me and if I really felt the desire to continue. It was important for me to make this introspection, because the following years would be critical in my commitment to triathlon.


Throughout the years, I defined my feeling of pleasure by the following elements: gratification of surpassing myself, satisfaction of improving my technique and skills and pride of giving everything I have during training sessions and competitions.


I invest so many hours in my sport that I must always go back to the basics: Am I still happy and passionate about what I do? I sincerely think that as long as the answer to this question is “yes”, I will put all the required efforts to reach my ultimate goals.


In brief, if you are active, proud of yourselves and you have fun doing it, you will ultimately always be winners!


Have a great training!


I cannot wait to meet you guys on August 5th and 6th, 2017.


Élisabeth Boutin