The importance of the little things (part 2)

Triathletes train in three different disciplines to perform well on the day of the competition and to achieve the goals they have set. I have been a triathlete for 14 years and I now pay particular attention to every detail surrounding the three disciplines of triathlon. In my last article, I was telling you how crucial it was to prepare well and to add a muscle reinforcement plan in your training. Today, I share with you a few other important details to consider in your preparation.


The week before the competition, you must not neglect food, hydration and rest. Sometimes, we believe that it is important to “move” before the race, but in fact it is quite the opposite! The bulk of work will have been carried out during the weeks and months leading up to the event. The week of the competition, we have to listen to our body and do less than expected if necessary. The week before the competition is called la “semaine d’affûtage” (I will talk about this in more details in one of my future articles). 


Nutrition, knowing yourself well and knowing which foods you store well can prevent you from suffering stomach pain or different reactions the day before the competition.


A good hydration and paying attention to the quantity of liquid consumed before the competition is fundamental, especially during the summer period. You have to drink one bottle of liquid per hour for the activity, depending on the temperature. If it is extremely hot, you must drink more. You need to drink at least the amount of water lost during the physical activity, whether it is swimming, biking, running or muscle reinforcement. I talk in terms of liquids, because consuming water may not be sufficient to cover this loss. I suggest to have carbohydrates or electrolytes in the bottle to gain calories and salt during the training. For instance, when I’m training on my bike, I always bring one bottle containing carbohydrates/electrolytes and a second bottle containing water. I advise you to do the same.


It is also important to put into practice these advice after the competition, because we have to hydrate our body at all times. The recovery will also happen much more quickly.


There is no miracle recipe to resume training after a competition. A few days off and a good recovery period help tremendously. This way, and by not asking too much of your body, you may also be able to avoid injuries and the return to training will be easier (physically and mentally).


In brief, it is important not to neglect these details!


What about you? Do you listen to your body “when it speaks to you”?