Giving back to others


Today, I want to talk about the beauty of giving back to others through sport and the positive impact it makes.

Sometimes, we may believe that giving back implies offering something concrete or tangible, which is not the case. It can be something very simple that has a big positive impact.

When I was younger, I was sometimes meeting elite athletes on competition sites and I was watching their work. I was really impressed and I was carefully studying what they were doing before, during and after their races. Today, I don’t always realize it, but I am now an elite athlete and I am in turn observed by young people!

I then realized that sharing and discussing with people was my way of giving back to others and to my sport. I give lectures on motivation and perseverance and the exchanges that I have with people are always very enlightening. This learning does not only apply to young people and sportspeople, but also to several other situations. For instance, managers of a company who whish to motivate their employees by using the example of triathlon: I can, with a few sentences, demonstrate that it is also how you interpret passions and actions. The efforts, the discouragements, the progresses, the care, the words of encouragement, the fears, the personal limits, the smiles of pride and the accolades can be our way to “give back to others” and it feels good!  

Being passionate about my sport, I want to spread the love and the benefits that I receive after each training or competition with young people, adults from the sport community or anyone else. Exchanging our experiences and our respective paths can make a real difference!


Have fun next week-end and be proud of you!