Smoothies: The Winning Recipe!

What better way to eat and hydrate yourself after a big training than drinking smoothies? It’s also a good way to incorporate “super foods” into your diet. Here are some foods that I like to add to my smoothies as well as their benefits.



No matter what smoothie recipe I make, I always include bananas! It’s cheap, very nutritious and it gives a smooth consistency to the mixture. In addition, bananas are a good source of potassium. When you sweat, you not only lose sodium but also potassium. Therefore, it’s important to eat foods, like bananas, that are rich in potassium to compensate this loss.


Kale and/or spinach

Why not incorporate kale or spinach into your smoothies? Bananas and other fruits will conceal the taste of these foods and you will be able to enjoy the nutritional benefits of kale and spinach. Kale is very rich in nutrients and spinach is a good source of iron.


Carob powder and Maca powder

These two products represent excellent sources of antioxidants. The carob powder adds a chocolate flavor to your smoothies and contains more calcium than cocoa powder.



Spirulina is a seaweed that can be purchased in powder or capsules. It’s a source of proteins, chlorophyll and it contains many minerals. Spirulina has a fairly strong taste, so a smoothie is a good way to incorporate this “super food” into our diet, since the fruits will conceal its taste.



Chia is a food with many benefits. It’s a source of omega-3, calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphate and several other nutrients. The chia absorbs water and liquids, so it occupies more space in your stomach and increase your feeling of satiety. 


Protein powder

To get an optimal carbohydrate ratio, I like to add some tofu or a little protein powder. No need to consume a lot of proteins, 10-20 grams is enough. My current protein powder contains pea protein, sunflower seeds protein and flax seeds protein. In addition to the protein intake, I also get several nutrients.


Water or milk
If you prefer a more liquid texture, I advise you to add water. Otherwise, you can add cow's milk, almond milk or any other type of milk. Personally, I like to use coconut milk because it adds a little exotic taste to the smoothie.


Good appetite!

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